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Webinar Training

John Priestley Associates holds a series of Webinars for Construction Lawyers, Architects and Building Surveyors on a range of topics related to Design and Construction.

We can tailor your Corporate Webinars to suit your Companies needs.

 Webinar Courses    

General topics covered include:

* Design Management to avoid

  Building Failures

* Why Buildings go Wrong

* How to Avoid Defects in Construction

* Becoming an Expert Witness

* Construction Technology

* Design Responsibility

* Understanding Building Defects

Construction technology

* Building Enclosure

* Roofing

* Cladding and Curtain Walling

* Windows

* Glazing

* Brickwork

* Facade cleaning

* Wall and Floor and Ceiling construction

* Raised Access Flooring

* Internal and external finishes

* Paint and coatings

* Water penetration

* Rising and penetrating damp

* Condensation

* Fire prevention and control

* Sound insulation and noise control

* Design defects

             * Workmanship and construction defects