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John Priestley was a UK registered and Chartered Architect with over 30 years experience in the design and construction of a wide range of Commercial, Industrial and Residential projects. He joined Navigant Consulting as Director from the Architectural Practice Crocker Tooth Priestley, in which he was a Partner, moving on to found John Priestley Associates.


Mr Priestley has extensive technical knowledge and experience in all aspects of the building envelope and construction technology, including  roofing, external walling, curtain walling and glazing, cladding,  penetrating damp, condensation, internal and external finishes, flooring, fire prevention and control, sound insulation and noise control, façade cleaning, together with design and workmanship defects .

With significant and wide ranging professional and technical background in this field, John has been instructed to provide expert evidence in construction disputes since 1985.

John gives expert opinion and testimony for claims relating to construction defects, professional negligence, due diligence, standard of care and contractual compliance on matters relating to architectural construction and construction contracts.

He also provides technical advice and opinion on matters relating to architectural construction and practice prior to issue of Proceedings, often reducing or at times eliminating the need for recourse to more protracted and costly methods of dispute resolution. He also provides advice to contractors and construction professionals on methods of construction and construction technology prior to and during the contract period. John also advises on appropriate remedial work in construction disputes.

 John Priestley BA(Hons)Arch RIBA MAE  


Investigation and opinion on defective construction

Architectural advice on design and construction

Professional Negligence

Due Diligence

Standard of Care

Contractual Compliance on matters relating to Architectural Construction and Construction Contracts

Our Approach

All members of the practice believe that those who commission Architects are entitled to buildings which not only satisfactorily meet all their intended performance and aesthetic functions, but will continue to do so without premature and excessive maintenance or repair.

This attitude has been responsible for involvement in a considerable volume of work stemming from requests by Building Owners, Architects, Contractors, Solicitors and others to investigate, diagnose and remedy many types of defects and failures in buildings.

Technical project Reviews

Project Risk evaluation

Procurement assistance and performance evaluation